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New Opening of AEON Sen Sok Branch!

Date: 11 June 2018

You will be great at managing key hosts accounts; they will trust you for your quick turnaround times and consistent support when things go wrong and you will always take the opportunity to help your clients improve their quality of listing and their overall performance. You will develop strong relationships and deliver valuable guidance to help them grow within the Airbnb marketplace.

We, AEON Specialized Bank (Cambodia) Plc, honor to announce to all customers that a new branch (AEON Sen Sok Branch) which is located at the second floor of AEON Mall Sen Sok City is now open to welcome all customers. We offer many services such as:

  • Personal Loan.
  • AEON Card (Credit Card)
  • AEON Wallet Cambodia (Electronic Money) and,
  • AEON Lounge Sen Sok, Located in AEON Mall Sen Sok City in front of the new branch (AEON Sen Sok Branch) applicable for AEON Gold Card Customer only.

For more information about AEON services, please contact below:

  1. Call Center Contact Number: 023 988 555
  2. Facebook (AEON Specialized Bank Cambodia) ៖
  3. Website ៖