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AEON Card Security Tips

  1. Do not share your card information, including full card number, expiry date, and security code (CVV2) to other people.
  2. Be careful when you are using your card in public, don’t leave the card unattended.
  3. If​ you lose your card/your card is stolen, you​ can​ block​ it​ immediately​ via​ the AEON Card Mobile​ App​ or​ contact​ to our hotline 24/7 +855 (0) 23/10 988 655.
  4. When you​ make payment, please make sure you are there, or you​ can go to pay at the counter by yourself to avoid your card information will be stolen.
  5. Card fraud can happen anywhere in the world, be vigilant when travelling overseas.
  6. Check your SMS, Email, Mobile App more often and monitor on your monthly billing statement if there is any suspicions transaction, please contact our hotline 24/7 +855 (0) 23/10 988 655 on your card to report.
  7. Never give your card number to strangers or telemarketers who call you on the phone or Email. Bank will never ask for your PIN or other details over phone, email or text. Don’t give your card number unless you initiated the call.

  1. When you use your credit card online, make sure you are using a secure, trusted website, we recommend shoppers at any store where the store’s website labels “Secure Code, and “3D-Secure. These are the latest modern systems that help protect security every time transferring data and compensation over the Internet.
  2. Don’t click on suspicious links, email or message containing links that claim to be from your credit card issuing bank can be scams or phishing attacks.
  3. Check the sender’s email address, logo carefully and report to your bank if you think it is suspicious.

  1. If your PIN is disclosed, re-issue new PIN and block your card immediately.
  2. Set PIN more secure. Choose a PIN that is easy for you to remember but hard for anyone else to guess and never use the same PIN to access other services. Do not use your birth of date, phone number or other publicly available personal information or sequential numbers like 1234​ as your PIN.
  3. Make sure your PIN is protected from being viewed when using an ATM.
  4. Do not write your PIN somewhere people can easily access or share your PIN to anyone

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