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Specialist, Card Business Promotion

Product Development | Head Office

Job Introduction

Job Description:

  1. Support/Initiate promotion scheme or other activities to promote Card product.
  2. Product and promotion advertisement
  3. Support/Monitor on promotion and campaign launching to be on time.
  4. Monitor/Analyse performance and results to ensure the project achievement.
  5. Evaluation after promotion end including P&L.
  6. Prepare documentation for management approval.
  7. To analysis on the prospect customer demand and conduct promotion in order to acquire those customers.
  8. Negotiate with partner and prepare agreement.
  9. Coordinate with digital marketing related activities including campaign promotional video and tutorial clips for exposure card branding.
  10. Budget Control of the section.
  11. Other task will assign by management later on.

Job Requirement:

  1. Bachelor’s degree preferably in Marketing, Economic & Management or related file.
  2. At least 2 years’ experience.
  3. Excellent verbal and written skill.
  4. Strong presentation, interpersonal and communication skill.
  5. Negotiation skill
  6. Creative and time management skill.
  7. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Team, Internet and E-mail.
  8. Strong Commitment and Hardworking