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Manager/ Accounting (Project and Operation Support)

Accounting & Finance | Head Office

Job Introduction

Section: Accounting & Budget Control

Direct Supervisor: Senior Manager

Job Description

  • Proactive support of the projects to implement within schedule as required by Managements
  • Timely preparation project planning, process, status to management and relevant sections
  • Adequate knowledge of suggestion new systems or equivalent systems to change from manual process to automate
  • Coordinate internal team meeting (lead by Head of Department or direct supervisor or other designated team member) to discuss roles, scope of work, and internal meeting schedule for the project. Take notes, assign tasks and follow-up with the team or relevant section as needed.
  • Determine project management and organization needs for the project with the team
  • Establish schedule for delivery of work with IT Teams, internal team and communicate to relevant sections
  • Establish project in the Project management list following established organizational structures and invite project team members. Create new systems as needed.
  • Create appropriate files and folders for projects in server including proposal, contract, information and materials from relevant sections, notes from internal team meeting, relevant section responses
  • Create necessary project tools such as the editorial calendar required to support the project
  • Track status of documents from team or relevant section if any
  • Schedule on-boarding meeting with team or relevant section
  • Take notes during the on-boarding meeting with team or relevant section, save into the server, and follow-up as needed with the team or relevant sections.
  • Review all shared team calendars weekly and follow-up with team members regarding any concerns, conflicts, or questions
  • Provide suggestions for protocols, systems, and guidelines related to team calendars, meeting schedule arrangement, and sharing schedules to the direct supervision, head of department and relevant sections
  • Other operation support aside from the project on the accounting related matters such as approval on vouchers, verify NBC report, review team working and suggest the effective working if any etc.
  • Other tasks assign by direct supervision or Head of Department

 Job Requirement

  • University degree in Accounting & Finance or related field
  • At least 5 years experience in related field, support project is preferable
  • Able to use accounting system (SAP) is preferable
  • Honest, well organized, matured, strong commitment, and good interpersonal skill
  • Proactive and self-starter person
  • Good in English, Power BI etc and have much knowledge on system
  • Able to work in fast moving working environment with tight deadline
  • Able to work under pressure and be self-motivated