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Legal and Compliance

Legal & Compliance | Head Office

Job Description

1) Search’s for issuance of compliance regulation, procedure and program to improve on compliance for company;
3) Support with preparing the frameworks relating to compliance;
4) Keep track, file, and manage all documents relating to guidelines, regarding the condition of compliance at the company;
5) Monitor and ensure reporting are kept up to date with all of compliance program;
6) Summarize and prepare information in the company and report for Sr. Manager to prepare for Board of Directors and Compliance Committee;
7) Receive report or complaint from staff and other stakeholders and analyse, conduct investigation and solve the complaint by forming the grievance desk to ensure the problem is solved timely and fairly;
8) Involve in review and comment on policy, regulation, and procedure to ensure that it’s compliant;
9) Support with coordinating and work with external regulator such as NBC, and other authority to be supportive and cooperative.


– Bachelor Degree in Law and/or related fields;
– Having experience in Compliance at least 2 years;
– Having experience in AML/CFT at least 1 year;
– Having good critical thinking skills;
– Having good interpersonal skills, and communication skills;
– Being able to provide training
– Being professional in using Microsoft Office;
– Being able to analyse the compliance and legal risk that might occur upon the regulation and business changing;
– Good at English language.